Colorado Internet Access

Special Introductory offer.
$12.99 per month UNLIMITED (see below)
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  • Only $12.99 per month for unmetered use (where available - see dial-up list).
  • We accept payments online.
  • We accept corporate purchase orders for multiple accounts on the same invoice.
  • Payment may be by Visa/MasterCard/Amex.
  • You can pay quarterly by cash or check.
  • All credit card transactions are encrypted and secure.
  • Up to 5 email accounts per user
  • Includes Email SPAM filtering

  • Just fill in this form and we will notify when your account is ready, then we'll send you set-up instructions.
  • Corporate Accounts: Please provide main contact information below. We will work with you to set-up all your users nationwide. Only ONE invoice for all users.
  • This form is for adding a NEW account. If you would like to make a change to an existing account please send email to instead.

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    I want to sign up for:
    56kbps dial-up Internet access at $12.99/month
    5X dial-up Internet access at $16.99/month

    There are NO set-up fees.

    Covers ALL mountain areas, including Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Texas Creek, Witmore, Cripple Creek, Victor, Fremont County, Pueblo County and more.

    The Operating System you have.

    Scroll down to find your local access dial-in number.
    Then, record it here
    You must be able to dial locally (without toll) to the numbers labeled "unlimited" to get the unlimited special. You can still get the $12.99 pricing anywhere else, but you may have the 150 or 200 hour monthly limit (that's FIVE or SIX hours per day!).

    Acceptance Notice.

    I agree to abide by the terms and conditions established by BySky for dial-up access and authorize BySky to debit the credit card account show herein for monthly access. I understand that my credit card account will be billed automatically prior to the start of each month of service and that there is no refund for any service month after the 1st day of that month. Cancellations must be made prior to the 30th day of any month to stop service effective the next month.

    Trade and check accounts: We require your first payment to cover the period from your sign-up to the END of the next quarterly period. For example, if you sign-up on March 15, you will would pay for March plus the 2nd quarter, April, May and June. Thereafter, we require quarterly payments in advance of service. We'll issue trade slips at the beginning of each quarter or you can mail a check to avoid disruption of service. All payments must be received before the 1st day of the month begining the quarter or your account will be suspended automatically.


    I have read the Terms of Service and I agree to the above billing terms.
    Check YES or NO.    YesNo

    Allow 48 hours for your account to be activated. Thank you.

    Want to pay by check?
    Submit the above information electronically and indicate CHECK as your form of payment. We will contact you with the amount you need to get started, since the figure varies by start date.

    You may mail this form to:

    7092 Highland Road, Suite 180
    Waterford, MI 48327

    You may fax this form to:

    Every number supports a minimum of 56k V.90 access, see below. 5X speed service works on all lines with the addition of compression software provided to you that must be installed on your computer.

    719-941-0605Aguilar, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    719-937-4107Alamosa, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-937-4107Alamosa, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-937-4107Alamosa, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-937-4107Alamosa, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-937-4107Alamosa, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-587-6160Alamosa, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    303-747-3012Allens Park Lyons, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-747-3012Allens Park Lyons, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-747-3012Allens Park Lyons, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-747-3012Allens Park Lyons, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-747-3012Allens Park Lyons, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-300-4055Aspen, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-300-4055Aspen, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-300-4055Aspen, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-300-4055Aspen, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-300-4055Aspen, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-544-2080Aspen, COX  X @world.netUUnet150
    303-731-4055Aurora, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-731-4055Aurora, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-731-4055Aurora, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-731-4055Aurora, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-731-4055Aurora, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-418-2000Aurora, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-279-4005Basalt, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-279-4005Basalt, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-279-4005Basalt, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-279-4005Basalt, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-279-4005Basalt, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-884-3019Bayfield, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-884-3019Bayfield, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-884-3019Bayfield, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-884-3019Bayfield, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-884-3019Bayfield, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-835-4055Brighton, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-835-4055Brighton, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-835-4055Brighton, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-835-4055Brighton, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-835-4055Brighton, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    720-230-0100Brighton, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-966-4015Buena Vista, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-966-4015Buena Vista, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-966-4015Buena Vista, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-966-4015Buena Vista, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-966-4015Buena Vista, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-285-4000Canon City, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-285-4000Canon City, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-285-4000Canon City, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-285-4000Canon City, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-285-4000Canon City, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-276-7165Canon City, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    970-704-5116Carbondale, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-704-5116Carbondale, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-704-5116Carbondale, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-704-5116Carbondale, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-704-5116Carbondale, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-359-4055Colorado Springs, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-359-4055Colorado Springs, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-359-4055Colorado Springs, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-359-4055Colorado Springs, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-359-4055Colorado Springs, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-457-1499Colorado Springs, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-701-4000Craig, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-701-4000Craig, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-701-4000Craig, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-701-4000Craig, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-701-4000Craig, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-826-1365Craig, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    970-283-2012De Beque, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-283-2012De Beque, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-283-2012De Beque, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-283-2012De Beque, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-283-2012De Beque, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-647-5005Deckers, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-647-5005Deckers, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-647-5005Deckers, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-647-5005Deckers, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-647-5005Deckers, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-847-4055Denver, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-951-4055Denver, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-952-4055Denver, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-953-4055Denver, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-954-4055Denver, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-847-4055Denver, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-951-4055Denver, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-952-4055Denver, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-953-4055Denver, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-954-4055Denver, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-847-4055Denver, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-951-4055Denver, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-952-4055Denver, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-953-4055Denver, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-954-4055Denver, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-847-4055Denver, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-951-4055Denver, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-952-4055Denver, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-953-4055Denver, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-954-4055Denver, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-847-4055Denver, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-951-4055Denver, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-952-4055Denver, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-953-4055Denver, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-954-4055Denver, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-376-0038Denver, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-872-4055Denver - Sullivan, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-872-4055Denver - Sullivan, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-872-4055Denver - Sullivan, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-872-4055Denver - Sullivan, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-872-4055Denver - Sullivan, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-785-0289Denver - Sullivan, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-368-4107Dillon, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-368-4107Dillon, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-368-4107Dillon, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-368-4107Dillon, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-368-4107Dillon, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-513-3380Dillon, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-422-4055Durango, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-422-4055Durango, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-422-4055Durango, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-422-4055Durango, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-422-4055Durango, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-375-7240Durango, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-454-6183Eaton, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-454-6183Eaton, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-454-6183Eaton, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-454-6183Eaton, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-454-6183Eaton, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-577-6005Estes Park, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-577-6005Estes Park, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-577-6005Estes Park, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-577-6005Estes Park, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-577-6005Estes Park, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-836-3705Fairplay, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    303-857-5177Fort Lupton, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-857-5177Fort Lupton, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-857-5177Fort Lupton, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-857-5177Fort Lupton, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-857-5177Fort Lupton, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-281-4015Fraser, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-281-4015Fraser, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-281-4015Fraser, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-281-4015Fraser, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-281-4015Fraser, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-639-4172Fruita, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-639-4172Fruita, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-639-4172Fruita, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-639-4172Fruita, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-639-4172Fruita, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-372-4055Ft Collins, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-372-4055Ft Collins, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-372-4055Ft Collins, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-372-4055Ft Collins, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-372-4055Ft Collins, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-212-0250Ft Collins, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-569-6012Georgetown, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-569-6012Georgetown, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-569-6012Georgetown, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-569-6012Georgetown, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-569-6012Georgetown, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-737-8126Gilcrest, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-737-8126Gilcrest, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-737-8126Gilcrest, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-737-8126Gilcrest, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-737-8126Gilcrest, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-366-4120Glenwood Springs, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-366-4120Glenwood Springs, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-366-4120Glenwood Springs, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-366-4120Glenwood Springs, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-366-4120Glenwood Springs, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-947-5580Glenwood Springs, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-364-4015Granby, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-364-4015Granby, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-364-4015Granby, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-364-4015Granby, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-364-4015Granby, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-778-4055Grand Junction, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-778-4055Grand Junction, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-778-4055Grand Junction, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-778-4055Grand Junction, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-778-4055Grand Junction, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-255-3580Grand Junction, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-627-8605Grand Lake, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    970-373-4055Greeley, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-373-4055Greeley, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-373-4055Greeley, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-373-4055Greeley, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-373-4055Greeley, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-313-0301Greeley, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-642-4025Gunnison, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    303-536-5127Hudson, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-536-5127Hudson, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-536-5127Hudson, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-536-5127Hudson, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-536-5127Hudson, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-660-4005Johnstown Milliken, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-660-4005Johnstown Milliken, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-660-4005Johnstown Milliken, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-660-4005Johnstown Milliken, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-660-4005Johnstown Milliken, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-732-5127Keenesburg, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-732-5127Keenesburg, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-732-5127Keenesburg, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-732-5127Keenesburg, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-732-5127Keenesburg, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-284-8012La Salle, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-284-8012La Salle, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-284-8012La Salle, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-284-8012La Salle, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-284-8012La Salle, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-892-7000Limon, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-892-7000Limon, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-892-7000Limon, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-892-7000Limon, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-892-7000Limon, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-297-0030Limon, COX  X @pop.netQwest200
    303-532-4122Longmont, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    303-532-4122Longmont, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    303-532-4122Longmont, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    303-532-4122Longmont, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    303-532-4122Longmont, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    303-827-0003Longmont, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-744-4104Loveland, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-744-4104Loveland, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-744-4104Loveland, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-744-4104Loveland, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-744-4104Loveland, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-292-0291Loveland, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-535-2012Mead, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-535-2012Mead, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-535-2012Mead, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-535-2012Mead, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-535-2012Mead, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-497-4059Montrose, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-497-4059Montrose, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-497-4059Montrose, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-497-4059Montrose, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-497-4059Montrose, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-252-4180Montrose, COX  X @world.netUUnet150
    970-984-4121New Castle, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-984-4121New Castle, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-984-4121New Castle, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-984-4121New Castle, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-984-4121New Castle, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-323-3126Olathe, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-323-3126Olathe, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-323-3126Olathe, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-323-3126Olathe, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-323-3126Olathe, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-325-2012Ouray, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-325-2012Ouray, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-325-2012Ouray, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-325-2012Ouray, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-325-2012Ouray, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-285-3012Parachute, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-285-3012Parachute, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-285-3012Parachute, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-285-3012Parachute, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-285-3012Parachute, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-785-8121Platteville, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-785-8121Platteville, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-785-8121Platteville, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-785-8121Platteville, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-785-8121Platteville, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-253-5975Pueblo, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-423-4055Pueblo, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-253-5975Pueblo, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-423-4055Pueblo, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-253-5975Pueblo, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-423-4055Pueblo, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-253-5975Pueblo, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-423-4055Pueblo, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-253-5975Pueblo, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-423-4055Pueblo, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-242-0030Pueblo, COX XXX@dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-626-6012Ridgway, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-626-6012Ridgway, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-626-6012Ridgway, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-626-6012Ridgway, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-626-6012Ridgway, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-530-3995Salida, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    970-387-4115Silverton, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-387-4115Silverton, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-387-4115Silverton, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-387-4115Silverton, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-387-4115Silverton, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-367-4107Steamboat Springs, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-367-4107Steamboat Springs, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-367-4107Steamboat Springs, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-367-4107Steamboat Springs, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-367-4107Steamboat Springs, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-871-2640Steamboat Springs, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-425-4055Sterling, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-425-4055Sterling, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-425-4055Sterling, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-425-4055Sterling, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-425-4055Sterling, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-526-8070Sterling, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-239-4055Telluride, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-239-4055Telluride, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-239-4055Telluride, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-239-4055Telluride, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-239-4055Telluride, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-422-4055Trinidad, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    719-422-4055Trinidad, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    719-422-4055Trinidad, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    719-422-4055Trinidad, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    719-422-4055Trinidad, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    719-846-8180Trinidad, COX    @world.netUUnet150
    970-688-4108Vail, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-688-4108Vail, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-688-4108Vail, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-688-4108Vail, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-688-4108Vail, COXX X @world.netUUnet150
    970-477-3280Vail, COX  X @world.netUUnet150
    719-738-4805Walsenburg, COXX   @pop.netQwest200
    970-674-7012Windsor, COXX X @dual.usaMegapop 112k/128kUnlimited
    970-674-7012Windsor, COXX X @pop.netQwest200
    970-674-7012Windsor, COXX X @surf.netAleronUnlimited
    970-674-7012Windsor, COXX X @usaMegapopUnlimited
    970-674-7012Windsor, COXX X @world.netUUnet150

    Note: ISDN connections on the unlimited networks are actually limited to 300 hours.

    Disclaimer: The display of a number does not mean that it is a flat-rate local call. That determination can only be made by your local telephone provider. Each number above has a realm, network name, or accesslist. You will only be able to access locations that your account is setup on for the SAME network. If you do not know which network you have been setup on please look for your previous access number on the list and check the network. You have total roaming access across the USA and in Puerto Rico, Canada and some Caribbean Islands. A total list of all 3500 numbers will be sent to you upon request.