Agent Positions and Territories Now Open!

BySky now has opens!
We're looking for qualified sales agents to handle our growing business demands nationwide.

Independent Sales Agents and Business Centers
We have received requests for an independent sales agent program from many of you, and we have responded with our BySky Sales Agent Program and BySky Business Center Program.
The BySky Business Center Program
Geographical territories are available for those capable of managing an out-bound sales organization. As an independent business owner, you will work with agents in the field to cultivate new business. Your operation will be licensed to use the BySky logo and name as a business partner.
This is NOT Multi-level Marketing or a "get rich quick" scheme.
We are looking for professional sales people to sell to business clients nationwide. Our product lines satisfy many business needs, especially in this tight economy. These are out-bound sales positions. Work from your own home office. There are no up-front fees (unless you wish to be licensed for a geographical territory as a BySky Business Center).
Offer any or all of our products and services!
You can pick and chose the products and services that you need for each specific deal you are working on. We'll support you and help close the deals you bring to the table. We want you to see success.
Plenty of "stuff" to earn commissions on.
We offer a variety of Web based software applications, telecommunication services (DLS, T1, VPN, voice, VOIP), wireless products (broadband, cellular, point-to-point). Commissions are paid on all closed and paid for deals and residuals are available on many products and services as well. Residuals can build into to nice monthy recurring revenue. You do not need to buy product or carry inventory, athough it is helpfulto have demos available for some items.
What products and services are available?

Information on many of our products and services is available directly from our main Web site at . Here is a quick list. Once you become a full agent we'll give you more information on everything.

Internet based applications that work with any Web site. You'll sell these to clients to enhance their current sites or to build a new site around. Although we certainly can do a complete site rebuild, we are interested in ADDING these functions to existing sites. All of these are hosted applications that run on our servers and which can pay you residuals:

Datatender - A powerful full featured hosted database management system to collect data input from Web forms and in-house sign-up forms. users can organize their data in different lists then bulk Emailing any time. Full bounce management. For small businesses and corporate departments. Part of our Customer Acquistion / Customer Retention Products. Also works with optional EasyCoupons.
EasyClassifieds - A powerful hosted classified advertising system with syndication (ad sharing between sites), banner ad management, free or fee ads, and much more. For anyone that wants to sell or list products or services in classified format.
EasyRetailer - A flexible Web based shopping cart system that sydicates products (shares products) between domains by category and has affiliate shopping.
DeveloperShowcase - A turnkey Web based hosted system for builders, land developers, commercial leasing and more. Add/edit/delete residential communities, office buildings, retail space, commercial and industrial property, land and much more.
EasyEvents - Add/edit/delete events in real-time on any Web site with full calendaring and optional ticket registration and payment functions.
EasyMembership - Web based communications for membership groups and committees. Handles individual committee events, announcements, member lists and more.
EasyCoupons - Create printable discount coupons any time for use on any Web site.
EasyFoodMenus - Manage your restaurant's food menus for display online. No html knowledge for a variety of food types. Add to your current home page in minutes.

Telecommunications products and services
Data - North American (including Canada and Carib.) 56k dial-up Internet, 128K ISDN.

Voice, VOIP and Data Services for DSL, T1, satellite, frame relay, VPNs, all the way up to OC3 speeds. We represent over 10 carriers nationwide and operate our own dial-up services. We can group all the employees of one company under one dial-up billing. VPNs (virtual private networks) are an extraordinary revenue generator.
Voice - local and/or long distance from over 10 carriers. We can pick and chose the right plan nationally and internationally and mix carriers. Everything you need under one roof. Includes worldwide satellite telephone and voice activated programming.
Interational Voice and Data - Tie lines from any country back to a US POP can save BIG money for foreign users.
Wireless voice and data - Cellular voice services from T-Mobile. High quality IP wireless national data services for PDAs and laptops from Mobitex, AT&T, Verizon.

Wireless Credit Card Processing - Chose from a variety of products to handle Visa/MC/Amex/Discover and many more, including private label cards and checks. We can provide the merchant account and the equipment.
Computers and software - As a long time dealer of hardware and software, we work closely with large stocking distributors such as TechData, Ingram and ScanSource to provide equipment and integration services to medium size businesses nationwide.

How to get started
Please fill out the form this short form. Then, email us and tell us something about yourself and attach a resume in MS WORD format, Adobe PDF, or plain text. Please tell us what geographical area you would like to cover. You may also call 248-698-4659 x101. Thank you.

First Name:
Last Name:
Home Telephone:
Bus. Telephone:
Territiry you want to handle as an Independent Agent:
I am interested in being licensed as a BySkyBusiness Center in the following counties (2 max) and state:
By submitting this information, you authorize us to talk to the references listed on your resume.

* If the area you apply for as a licensed BySky Business Center is available, we will require a minimal one-time $49.95 fee from you. We will not collect any fees until we approve you and you agree to the business plan for your territory. In fact, we don't even want a credit card or payment information at this time. Licensed BySky Business Centers will acquire and manage the Independent Territory Agents in their areas and be responsible for producing to a set revenue goal. Each licensed BySky Business Center is an independently owned and operated business and may be combined with other business entities. These are not franchise contracts and this is not multi-level marketing.

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Be an Agent Now
With BySky you have the opportunity to work with an 8 year old company with established customers and a broad assortment of quality partner providers.   

No Commission Cap!
At a time of such high unemployment, we have a chance for you to earn extra money right-away. With no caps on commissions, you can earn as much revenue as you can work for.

Great Products and Services!
Our users love our applications. You can be assured that your clients will be well cared for. 

Full-time opportunities. We need licensed BySkyBusiness Centers to manage our expanding independent sales force. Independent Agents can become familiar with our systems and products first and thern grow into a licensed BySkyBusiness Center when they are ready and if the territory is available.

We'll provide on-going training as needed.

We don't offer health insurance, vacations, company cars and cell phones, but we do offer special pricing on all our products for personal use.

No sign-up fee
Individual Independent Agents do not pay any fees to sign-up. Beware of companies that charge agents an up-front fee.

Here's the Agent Agreement and commission plan

We've got nothing to hide. Our products and services are great and so is our plan. You can earn a nice living working with us. Take a look!

When you are ready to work with us, please fill out the form at left and follow the instructions above the form. Thank you.