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Exercise Calorie Activity Counter

When you are active you burn calories. The more active you are the greater amount of calories you burn.

To loose 1 lb of weight you need to burn 3500 calories. The most effective way to loose weight is by decreasing your caloric intake, and increasing your activity level. A simple weight loss formula is:

decrease intake by 200 calories per day and do activites that burn 300 calories per day:   200 cal. + 300 cal. = 500 cal. x 7 days = 3500 calories per week or 1 lb. of weight loss. Experts agree that a 1 lb. to 2 lb. weight loss per week has proven to be a safe and effective approach for loosing weight. Recent research also indicates that by adding a strength training component to your exercise program you increase lean mass (muscle) which increases metabolism, burning more calories.

The most effective tool for taking weight off and most importantly keeping it off is a regular activity program based on exercises you enjoy. Find out how many calories you can burn by using the CALORIE ACTIVITY COUNTER.

Over 175 activities to choose from. Enter your weight and the amount of time you want to exercise. Then look up an activity to see how many calories you will burn based on the weight and time in minutes you entered for the activity.

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