CHRISTmas, not Xmas! Graphic There is an interesting history about this holiday expression that is well established in library archives and microfilm, although not generally talked about anymore.

It started many years ago, during the late 1800s in Europe, according to old newspaper ads and articles, when certain atheists and anti-Christians who were engaged in commerce refused to write the word "Christ." They simply X-ed it out.

Judging from the few news items in American papers that coolly observed this odd depiction, most people of the time gave the dubious merchants a wide berth and did not see the need to comment on the obvious.

It is amazing that in just a few short generations, we have become so de-sensitized to our surroundings that we fail to notice what is right in front of us.

Today, we have seen XMAS written so often that it seems perfectly normal. Many of us who never give it a thought write it every season, not pausing to realize that in so doing, we are following the lead of the anti-Christians and literally crossing Christ out of this blessed event.

Many have made up their minds to no longer express their holiday spirit in this way. When space is short and abbreviation is unavoidable, C'MAS is far more pleasing. It is, after all, an abbreviation for Christ. There is even a growing move to boycott businesses that still find it preferable to celebrate XMAS.

We hope you might give some thought to this too.

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