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It's not too late to get your Christmas list to Santa! RING! is helping the Old Guy out by e-mailing all letters received here at our offices to the North Pole. We can't promise that Santa will deliver your requests on Christmas morning, but we can promise a little something to brighten a specially selected stocking!

Check out the contest rules below and fire up your imagination. To borrow a well-known Michigan jingle, "Someone will win...why not you?"

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little candy caneRING!'s "Letters to Santa" Contest is open to any child regardless of place of residence as long as they are 12 years old and under on December 24, 2003.

little candy caneLetters must be original and written by the author. Moms and Dads can help with the e-mail part, but Santa has a good idea of the writing abilities of children and will discard obviously coached wish-lists!

little candy caneWe reserve the right to accept and reject entries at our discretion with no recourse from the authors. All Letters submitted may be published online on RING! with no compensation to the author and no liability upon RING! to protect your Letters from others downloading and copying your Letter.

little candy caneThe Prize will be two Living Books interactive animated story books, "Arthur's Reading Race" and "The Tortoise and the Hare"; Special Christmas Gifts for the winning boy and girl.

little candy caneThe judges for this contest will include a board made up of staff members of RING!.

little candy caneAll entries must be postmarked by December 15 or emailed by December 20, 2003. Results will be posted by December 24, 2003. RING! is not responsible for entries delayed in the mail or arriving after the deadline. Email to Editor@bysky.com.

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