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Emergency services

American Radio Relay League - Ham Radio is the only reliable communication during this severe emergency. If you have no other way to contact love-ones, try this link and use it's resources.

Health and welfare Information Request Form - use this form to request information about lost love-ones using the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network. This radio network works in partnership with Ham Radio Operators.



Weather Watch

Hurricane Watch Net - the best site to monitor hurricanes as they form and advance. This is forecasted to be a dangerous season. Those in hurricane prone areas should check this site frequently.

Extended Forecast - EXTENDED RANGE FORECAST OF ATLANTIC SEASONAL HURRICANE ACTIVITY AND US LANDFALL STRIKE PROBABILITY FOR 2005. This forecast is based on new research by the authors, along with current meteorological information



National Public Radio (NPR) - Unbiased updates and full coverage that is much more in-depth than the national networks and much more inciteful.

Houston Texas News - More local news concerning the refugees to the Astrodome, etc.

Times-Picayune - still operating (obviously their server is not in the New Orleans area) with local updated information. This is the New Orleans Daily newspaper.


Relief Aid

For Friends & Family - If you have friends and family that are displaced, out of work and in dire need of money, we suggest that you set up a PayPal account and ask your family and friends to contribute to the person(s) they know. We do not suggest you contribute blindly to people you do NOT know.


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