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Mackinac Island is an ideal destination anytime you want to relax in an atmosphere of old-time charm. Noted for the total lack of motorized vehicles and its fudge candy, Mackinac Island embodies friendliness which is fostered by the imposed isolation of the surrounding Great Lakes.

Nowhere is that old-time charm and friendliness more in evidence than at the Lilac Tree Hotel. The Lilac Tree Hotel is the place to go when you want to treat yourself to the best of the old and new.

Situated right in the middle of "downtown", the Lilac Tree is just a few steps west of one of the island ferry docks and overlooks the Mackinac's main street and then beyond to the lake.

The lower level of the building is a small shopping mall with just the lobby portion of the hotel located there. It is not a big lobby, but comfortably furnished. There is also a "holding" room for your luggage so that you can enjoy the island unencumbered before checking in and after checking out.

The reception staff is friendly and efficient and guests are quickly on their way back OUT the lobby doors, into the mall and then into the elevator which takes them up to their rooms.

Suite #408 is spacious and plushly furnished. The colors are of those of summer, grass green, sunny yellow, bright sky blue and accented with flowery prints. The bedroom is dominated by a high king-size four-poster bed. Walls are painted yellow with a flowered ceiling border which complements the bedcovers and a gold framed picture. Ample lighting is provided by a table top ceramic lamp on the four drawer wooden chest and two brass extension lamps on either bedside for comfortable bedtime reading. In one corner, there is a wall mounted television complete with remote.

The sitting room continues the summery color scheme with a good sized couch in green upholstery with yellow piping and lots of big flower print pillows. An additional comfortable chair matches the floor to ceiling draperies on the full wall doorwall. Opposite the seating grouping is a large pine two door cabinet which contains another television and lots of additional storage room underneath.

Nestled in a corner is a small kitchen area which consists of a white lacquer unit trimmed in yellow with a bar sink sporting brass fixtures. A four cup coffee maker, a microwave and an undercounter refrigerator are thoughtfully provided for your enjoyment along with complimentary coffee, teabags, creamer and sweeteners .

You can choose to sit at the dark wood round table with two white and blue edged straight back cane-seated chairs to sip a cup of tea or coffee or curl up on the couch with the planked coffee table in front, as another inviting relaxation option.

The connecting hallway is utilized as a dressing or makeup area with one wall a two sink marble vanity with gold fixtures and large mirror. Adequate lighting is provided by two petal-like clear glass hanging lights, one over each sink. A unique touch is a fabric covering over the connecting electrical cords, sort of like the "scrunchies" that girls wear in their hair. Amenities include a hair blowdryer, pastel colored cotton balls, chamomile soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, sewing kit, handcream and oatmeal face soap.

White marble is continued into the bathroom and covers the entire bathroom except for one wall which has a ribbon-like blue lattice pattern matching the hallway/dressing area. A wonderful 2 person jacuzzi tub dominates the room.

Streetside of the sitting room is a wall of window which opens onto a large balcony complete with a white wrought iron ice cream set, hanging baskets of lilac and geranium silk flowers and a good view of most of "downtown." It is a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the picturesque view of Lake Huron and while you nibble on some fudge!

The Lilac Tree Hotel is open seasonally. In 1995, it will open on May 5 through to December, then December through February, it is only open on weekends. Rooms start at $110. Suite #408 starts at $150. You can contact the Lilac Tree Hotel at P.O. Box 540, Mackinac Island, MI 49757 or 1-906-847-6575.

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