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January 11, 1998 - Detroit 2 / Washington 0

First off, let me just make clear that I am a great supporter of technology, especially computer technology. ( keeps me employed, right?) I think it's fantastic the amount of information that one can find on the Internet, amazing the speed at which obscure facts can be found and mind-boggling the capabilities of artificial intelligence. That said, would tv commentators PLEASE . . . "Turn off the Computers, and just CALL THE GAME!

The new fascination, no obsession, with statistics is getting very annoying rapidly. TV Commentators, Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels are so busy regaling us with the latest and most arcane facts about players and teams that they are neglecting the action on the ice!

While Ken is busy informing the tv-viewing fans that "so-and-so's lifetime goals against such-and-such team when the team is down by 2 after losing the previous game in the third period on a power goal during a full moon, is 5" - an odd man rush is scoring the tying goal!

And when Mickey is letting us all know that a visiting team member hasn't scored a goal or had an assist in umpteen shifts and leads the league in minus points during his last 5 seasons of play after having 52 stitches to his face during a fight with a goalie - that player is scoring the go-ahead goal against the Wings!

Most of these facts are useless and meaningless anyway. Let's face it - For instance, if a team has lost the last 3 games against another team, that has relevance - obviously, one team is stronger than the other. But to blurble how a team hasn't won a game against another team in the last 20 years, well that's meaningless. There probably aren't two people in the whole organization from the management on down to the players who were associated with the team for that last 20 years! So who cares!

Thank goodness for technology, but let's focus on the present, not the past when calling the action, Please!


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