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January 3 - Dallas 2 / Detroit 1

This was a lousy game! I found it very boring and even more difficult to stay awake. It seemed to drag on forever (except for those last futile 2 minutes when Vernon was pulled off the ice in favor of the extra attacker.)

And I lost count of the penalty calls. It felt like there was a whistle every two minutes or so. Regular hockey play was so broken up by the need for special teams that no strategy was even remotely possible. What should have been an exciting matchup between the top two teams in their division turned out to be a real "snoozer."

What I want to know now is; if Dallas' power play has been so poor, how come they score twice on the power play in the first two periods in a building that supposedly they historically haven't been able to win in? What caused the breakdown in Detroit's much-touted defense? Do we blame it on the goalie...again?

I DO know that the Red Wings have gotten behind twice in the last two games early and not been able to pull it out. Seems like, after a bad start, the defense CAN rally, but we're back to the ugly fact that the offense just isn't strong enough to consistantly win big games. The Wings' power play unit just doesn't do it! I'd give up Pushor, Ward, and most of the rest of the defense just to get Paul Coffey back on the power play!

On a plus note, congratulations to Igor Larionov on his 100th goal milestone.

I'm going to reserve further comment on the acquisition of Joey Kocur until after the Chicago game Sunday night. Right now I'm on the mildly negative side of neutrality!


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