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February 8 - Detroit 6 / Pittsburgh 5

Is it just me, or was this a strange game? How did the score end up the way that it did...6 to 5?

On the whole, the Red Wings controlled most of the 60 minutes of play. Detroit dominated the puck. If you closed your eyes and just listened to the announcers, the commentary was centered around the names of Shanahan, Lidstrom, Konstantinov, etc. with just an occasional Lemieux, Jagr and Francis thrown in.

So how did Pittsburgh score 5 goals? The Wings' offense was obviously present, but where was that oh-so wonderful defense once the Penguins applied any pressure? Detroit's "left-wing lock" did a great job, for the most part, at the blue line, but when the Ice Birds penetrated that, the goal light stood a good chance of being lit!

And how about all those STUPID goal reviews/called back goals? This is a rule that better get reviewed and darn quick! Sandstrom, particularly, would agree with me on this one! Too bad that we will have to live with the "in-the-crease" increase throughout this year's playoffs. Better luck next year, I suppose!

Watching the game on Fox is always a challenge for an seasoned hockey fan. We're so used to Mike and Mickey that the Fox announcers tend to either annoy or amuse. Amusing throughout this particular game was the continual exclamations about how exciting all the goals being scored was. I guess that the occasional hockey viewer's attention is centered around the sound of the horn and the flashing lights, not the brilliant skating and set-ups and maneuvers. Which brings up the annoying part...if Mike Whoever-he-is, used the phrase "so-and-so FINESSED the puck" to describe a pass, one more time...!

Anyway! Congratulations to Scotty Bowman on win number 1000! That's an awesome accomplishment and one of which he can be very proud. Despite his comments to the contrary, he sure looked happy when Shanahan scored the last of his hat trick to end the overtime, didn't he?!


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