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February 24 - Detroit 5 / Phoenix 3

What an exciting game! A real rollercoast ride!

Right from the start the Red Wings came out strong, controlling the puck and totally dominating the Phoenix Coyotes. Even the opening goal by Roenick didn't seem like any big deal, sort of "okay, so we're down 1-0, so what!" And Detroit answered back spectacularly! By the time the first period was over I was certain that this game was going to be an absolute blow-out.

During the second period, Detroit continued to play their game, even responding to the more physical play of the Coyotes with some banging of their own. Still the play looked rather one sided, favoring the Wings. Another goal by Roenick? Big Deal! The Red Wings were still looking good!

During the last period I started getting a wee bit nervous. Now the Desert Dogs are only down by one and there's still 10 minutes left in the game! Oh, no! Would this be another one of the many recent big-lead-blown-we've-tied-or-lost-games? How did that happen?!


Penalties, stupid ones in most cases, are the reasons for last night's game being even remotely tense! Come to think of it, lately Detroit has been taking a lot more penalties than was usual a month or so ago. Are all these recent trips to the box a sign of increased aggression by the Wings? Is there more confidence due to the acquisitions of Shanahan, Kocur, Sandstrom, ie. more "size"? Could the boys in red be sending a "don't mess with us" message to the opposition in advance of the playoffs?

Don't really know, myself! But I do know that it's really hard to be short-handed for half the game and still come out on top all the time. Seems like a tad more discipline is needed by the ranks. Go ahead and make your point, guys, but please, pick your time wisely!


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