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March 5 - Detroit 4 / Toronto 4

Oh, wow! How can it be that the Red Wings blew a 2 goal lead in the third period to the cellar-dwellers in the Western Conference? More disturbing, is the fact that the previous game ended in a similar situation...a lead that slipped away in the last moments of the contest! This is not good guys! We've had too many of these kinds of disappointments lately. (BIG MOAN here!)

The offensive unit seems to be humming along rather nicely right now. But, and it's a BIG but...It's obvious that the defense needs some more work. To be on the optomistic side, I suspect that Scotty is tinkering a bit now before the playoffs. There is little question that Detroit will be in the playoffs after all. So, Konstantinov needs rest and Lidstrom should also be given a break. The "kids" need more experience, too. Perhaps, we fans are going to have to get used to winning a little less often right now. I know one thing...I'll gladly suffer the losses in this regular season if it translates to a team better prepared for the playoffs and Lord Stanley's Cup! I certainly hope that's what going on here!

Well, here we are almost through another season of hockey and by now everyone must be thoroughly sick of the Belle Tire chick, the Little Caesars's dummys and Dick's Miller Beer commercials! I know I am! Who writes this junk? Drop me a note and tell me which one is your favorite to hate. We'll conduct our own poll here and maybe I'll print some of your responses! Of course, the best way to express displeasure with commercials is to not buy the product. "Pass me the Molson, ok?"


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