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April 27 - Round One Summary
Detroit - 4 games/ St. Louis - 2 games

OK, the Red Wings beat the Blues and made it through the first round! of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Only 12 more victories to go! Yeah!

Actually, it was a very good series, Detroit against St. Louis, - hard fought, enough competition to make it exciting and of course, a winning outcome. The Wings got stronger as the round went on. The confidence is back, the attitude is positive.

It was wonderful to see the Russian unit back together again after such a long absence. You can expect to see them produce even more as they get their rhythm back. Kozlov and crew certainly baffled the Blues a bit! I never understood why Bowman broke them up in the first place!

The power play was definitely looking better in game six, but there is lots of room for improvement there. Detroit needs to capitalize and make the opponents pay when having the man-advantage. Goaltenders are just too good at this level to expect even-strength scores to win a game.

Isn't Steve Yzerman just the greatest?! Here is a guy who plays his heart out and does it all! Scores from the center line, sacrifices his own body to block shots and still rallies the troops by declaring that Detroit can do it if everyone steps up their play starting with him! What a guy, what a Team Captain!

What a TEAM! Bring on Whoever?


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