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May 8 - Round Two Summary
Detroit - 4 games/ Anaheim - 0 games

Wow, did you think that this series was ever going to end? It certainly was the longest 4 game sweep, wasn't it?

Just as last night's two OT periods were brutal physically for the Wings' players, they were punishing also for those of us fans watching in a time zone three hours earlier! This morning's alarm was about as welcome as the foghorn on the Pond! Fortunately, the 3:22am win makes today's grogginess all worthwhile!

You have to give the Ducks credit though, they sure weren't about to give up easily! Going into a playoff game when you are already down 3 to 0 has to be difficult at best and when you are faced with the barrage of shots on goal that Detroit unleashed at their defense...well, Anaheim's "hanging in" was a real credit to their grittiness! Good game, Ducks!

The Red WIngs however, were fantastic in their tremendous patience, adherence to the "system" and plain-out old-fashioned persistance! To be able to just continue with their game plan and not get excited or anxious about the losing/tying score, shows discipline, confidence and a team maturity that I don't think Detroit has had before. These tough, long games with Anaheim will be a great preparation for the next round which I suspect will still be against Colorado.

During this nice long rest period now before facing the Avalanche, the Wings need to keep reminding themselves just how nicely their system works. Forget the bad feelings, the nastiness of the previous Colorado/Detroit games...forget last year's playoffs! No revenge or "getting even" attitudes! Just concentrate on beating the Avalanche one game at a time, just like Anaheim and St. Louis before that. We can DO IT!

Now where is that snow blower???


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