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May 8 - Round Three Summary
Detroit - 4 games/ Colorado - 2 games

What...I'm going to be in Europe during the Detroit/Colorado series???!!! Who planned this trip??!!

Let me tell you what it was like for a die-hard Red Wing fan "stuck" in Amsterdam and Vienna for the two weeks that the Wings and Avalanche were battling it out for the right to go to the Stanley Cup finals...miserable!

The Netherlands are fairly civilized and so, while I couldn't watch the game, at least I could keep up-to-date. In Amsterdam, (week one) because of the time differential, my eight o'clock wake-up meant that the previous night's playoff game was barely over and CNN News could be counted on for the scores. Once I even saw some highlights!

My traveling companions (not hockey fans) could tell if the Wings won just by the expression on my face at breakfast! Of course, I wore my favorite Red Wing t-shirt, too!

Vienna, however, was another story! It may be one of the more cultured cities in the world, but what's the Vienna Boys' Choir compared to Stevie and company! No sports news, hard-to-find USA Todays, etc. I finally succumbed to my dying curiosity and plunked down 12 schillings in a "internet cafe" for 5 minutes of time which was just long enough to type in "" and get the great news that Detroit had beaten Colorado in game 6 and were on the way to the Stanley Cup Finals!!! It took several days to wipe that grin off my face!

On to the Finals! Let's "cream" Philadelphia!


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