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October 1 - Detroit 3 / Calgary 1

Welcome to the 1997-1998 season of the Stanley Cup Champions!

Glad to see you all back!

It was heartening to see the Detroit Red Wings continue their winning ways in last night's opener despite the absence of two of last season's most visible players, Fedorov and Konstantinov. Without a doubt, their presence was sorely missed, even though a lot of the "new kids on the block" did a great job of picking up the slack. (Except for about 8 minutes of the third period!)

I'm sure that Vlady would have given his eye teeth to have been in the line-up once again, but unfortunately, it doesn't appear that is in the cards. Totally unfair! Especially when SOME players CHOOSE to not be in the lineup! Quite frankly, ever since the end of last season, Fedorov appears to think a lot more highly of himself than I (and a lot of others) do. If Sergei doesn't get his butt in gear and on skates soon, Mike Illitch may find out Detroit can do just fine without him.

Actually, I'll be surprised if Fedorov's hold-out lasts until the home opener ... can't see him missing being on the ice at the JLA for the raising of that beautiful Stanley Cup Champions' Banner! If he does miss the home opener, it'll be an indication of how shallow his last season comments on the importance of the Cup were!

Wouldn't it be neat, if somehow, some way, Konstantinov could be there? If there is any physical way possible, I bet Mike Illitch will arrange it! It sure would be great, wouldn't it!


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