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October 14 - Detroit 3 / Toronto 2

So, the unbeaten string continues! Five wins and a tie, wow! Don't get too excited about the Red Wings' success just yet though. It's a long season and remember what happened the last time Detroit steamrolled its way to the was a long off-season which followed!

The goaltending by back-up goalie, Kevin Hodson was outstanding last night! He really kept the Wings in the game. Seems like there were a lot of breakdowns in the defensive lines, maybe just early-season miscommunications which will get worked out as time progresses. For the most part though, the lapses in defense were covered nicely, especially by the goalie. Good job! I'll probably get tired of thinking it at some point soon, but Konstantinov's presence was sorely missed again!

Way too many penalty calls against Detroit last night. Five on threes are exciting to watch provided that either A.) the Red Wings are on the power play or B.) the Wings kill the penalty! That can't always continue to happen and my heart can't take that much tension! However, with the Leaf/Wings' rivalry, I guess that extra aggression is to be expected.

Onto the next game, please!


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