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October 19, 1996 - Detroit 4 / New York Islanders 2

Ok, let's discuss the negative stuff first and get it out of the way! Obviously, something just has to be done about the Wings' abysmal powerplay. Before last night's game I would have had trouble believing a team with players like Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan and Kozlov would have gone zip for 5 on the power play against a team like the Islanders. Well, believe it! It's been a rare feat for Detroit to even get past the neutral zone, no less set-up lately and last night was no different. Better schedule a couple of extra 5-on-3 practices, Scotty!

There have been an awful lot of turnovers as a result of up-the-middle long passes. Fedorov's and Holmstrom's names seem to be mentioned far too frequently for my liking. Holmstrom, you can sort of forgive being a rookie and all. He probably really needs another year in the minors no matter how well he played in the pre-season! Sergei, on the other hand, should know better. I'd like to see a little more aggression on his part...take that puck and go with it!

On the Plus Side, Red Wings DID win last night, at home and with Vernon! The offense was better, at times, and it was good to see 4 different goal-scorers. That Kozlov to McCarty goal was beautiful, wasn't it! And it's always great to see Fetisov get some of the limelight.

Let's hope that last night was the start of something good.


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