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October 25, 1996 - Detroit 2 / Boston 1

I almost fell off my rocker during the Wings' game broadcast last night when it was revealed that Scotty Bowman uses the Internet to check out the latest game/player stats! Bowman, a techie?! Can't picture the coach dialing-in before each game to catch up on the latest news. What sites do you suppose he bookmarks? Wonder what his e-mail address is? Wouldn't it be great to be able to communicate our brilliant ideas to him via the net? Hmmm, wonder if he reads this column? Probably not, but if you do, Scotty, keep up the good work, but the offense still needs to be kicked-started!

For the Shanahan skeptics...feeling better now? Brendan seems to be on a roll here of late. Hope that he can keep it going, at least until some of the other players start picking up the pace. There is a danger in complacency on the part of the rest of the team, sitting back and expecting that one player will do the scoring. Can't consistently win games that way, but this little win streak has been nice!

Change of subject! Has anybody noticed how obnoxious the music at Joe Louis has gotten? I don't know if during the off-season management changed the sound system, the DJ or what, but the garbage that is forced on the viewers is really annoying. It's even very disruptive to the TV commentary. What a difference between the JLA DJ stuff and the traditional organ at the Fleet Center and other arenas!

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