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November 10 - Detroit 4 / Tampa Bay 2

Wow, it's been an interesting (emotion-wise, not play-wise) couple of games, hasn't it? Two games with Hartford (read as: against Primeau, Coffey and Grimson) and one with Tampa Bay (ditto: Shawn Burr and Dino Ciccarelli)!

For the record, I vehemently opposed the Coffey and Ciccarelli trades, regretted the lose of Grimson and was neutral about Burr and Primeau. I have never hesitated to voice my displeasure over a player's performance on or off the ice, but I was appalled at the collective behavior of the fans at both Joe Louis and in Hartford during the last two games!

The rude chanting was disgusting. But even worse were the fans' signs in Hartford expressing their displeasure over Brendan Shanahan's trade. What a lack of class (in both cities)! And where are the network TV station's brains in showcasing this vulgar behavior. I realize that there is nothing one can do as far as "selectively" broadcasting the sounds the microphones pick up, but the cameramen do choose what pictures to film and should exercise a little discretion. I certainly wouldn't want to have to explain a couple of the Hartford banners to a seven-year-old!

On a positive note, the standing ovation given to Dino Ciccarelli was great to see. Obviously he appreciated it. I wonder if Bowman ever regrets that trade. Dino is having a great year and what did we get...future considerations?!

Detroit's offense still isn't in high gear it appears. For a brief one period in this game, I actually saw some signs of life. There were actually some nice play-making moves, completed passes and what looked like practiced strategies! Alas! It only lasted one period and the power play still is horrendeous! However, it appears that DRW are still doing good enough to win the last 8 out of 10. Bring on the Avalanche!


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