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November 13 - Detroit 4 / Ottawa 2

So, Detroit has tied yet another team record, this one being the best start for on-the-road wins. That's great, of course, but still the Wings don't look particularly strong out there on the ice. Offense seems too weak which could be a result of the total emphasis on defense. And the power play! Egad!

Obviously, there is a lot of juggling of players going on in this still early season. The holes in the defensive and offensive lines are still being dealt with and the younger players show great promise. But will everyone be comfortable in their roles when "crunch" time comes? Will the Bowman tinkering work its magic again this year? Time will tell.

You know, it must take a very special kind of person to be a coach in the NHL! When things are going good, everyone loves you, but when things are going bad, it's ALL your fault!

If a team has (or is having) a bad season, the coach is the one to get the axe. Never mind the weak roster...what, blame the scouts or the "cheap" ownership?! No way! It must be the coach's fault the "ugly ducklings" didn't become "swans".

If you have a prima dona "star" who doesn't like the guy behind the bench, who do you think is gonna get his walking papers? Certainly not Wayne or Brett! The "star" is the one the fans pay to see and the money generally continues to roll in as long as the "star" is in the lineup.

Fortunately, even with the limited number of coaching positions in the NHL, there always is another team tomorrow that needs the coach fired yesterday. Even if it takes a couple of years. And the extra/odd coach can always be a sportscaster in the meantime, eh Jacques?!

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