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November 18 - Detroit 2 / Phoenix 2

What is going on here? So far this season the Red Wings are so lacking in offense that they are constantly playing in front of their own net. Thank goodness, for the most part, the defensive unit is very good. And on the plus side, the lackadaisical play is giving them a lot of practice! (However, at the risk of sounding repetitious, you have to wonder how 2 of 4 shots on goals can result in scores for the opposition!) All of those finely-honed defensive skills have been mighty helpful during the constant short-handed situations that Detroit has been blessed/cursed with.

But the Wings have got to get more aggressive. Even if they hold the opposition scoreless, they've got to score to win! Other than a very brief second period in last night's game, Detroit seems to be incapable of making a sustained attack on goal as a team. Sure, there are brief flashes of brilliance as an individual performs a spectacular play, but stars fizzle out, the team has to pull together to shine consistantly. Let's see more offense, please, Scotty!

Brief note: I recently was on a REAL business trip out west (Kalamazoo) and was stuck with Blackhawks hockey viewing (only way I could at least get the Red Wings' scores!). It was with some surprise that I recognized the play-by-play voice and then the face of Dave Strader who is doing ESPN commentary for the Blackhawks. While I wish him well, I wonder how he could be a member of the Chicago organization after his time with Detroit! I know I couldn't! I'll die a Red Wings' fan and if the offense doesn't kick in soon...


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