Red Wings From
The Rocking Chair

December 3 - Detroit 2 / Vancouver 2

I never thought of myself as a superstitious sort of person, but I find that when it comes to Red Wing hockey, I become a total believer in jinxes, hexes, spells, and omens.

For instance, I shudder when Mike or Mickey make comments like they did last night such as, "What the Wings don't need now is a Vancouver powerplay goal." Darn, now the Red Wings are down 2 to zip! Or, "so-and-so can't buy a goal right now." Clang! Another spectacular effort results in a ricochet off the post! Seems like the minute an announcer decides to play prophet, it's usually doom and gloom for the Wings. Maybe Mike and Mickey need to "stick a sock in it" when it's a close game!

Of course, I perform my own version of magical fate-twisting. When Detroit really needs to put just one more in the net to tie or to win late in the game (especially if they are on a power play), I close my eyes and just listen to the game. It seems like the best goals are always scored when I'm not watching the action! If the Wings score and tie/go ahead, I'll get to see the replays anyway, so missing the live tying/winning score isn't such big deal. Hey, no sacrifice is too great for the team, right? We all gotta do our part!


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