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December 5 - Edmonton 3 / Detroit 1

My goodness, the fervor over the Wings' loss of this one game to the Edmonton Oilers has been unbelievable! The coach refuses to talk to the media after the game and it's reported widely that heads are going to roll, a shakeup is coming, Scotty's furious. All the sports commentators start tsk-tsking. Geesch!

Let's get a little perspective here, folks. The Red Wings were definitely off their game tonight. They clearly were disorganized, scrambling, slow, etc., etc. They played badly. OK, if you insist...Detroit stunk up the joint! But it was only one game and essentially speaking, they only lost by a goal! (I never really can consider an open-net, 3-second-before-the-horn score, a real goal.)

For one to make such a fuss about this one game shows either their tremendous lack of belief in the Red Wings' talents or a total lack of understanding of the rhythm of the NHL regular season.

The 80+ game regular hockey season is supposed to have ups and downs. It's not necessary to win every game, in fact, it's boring! The highs and lows are like a favorite roller coaster ride. Pure adrenaline rushes at the top followed by plunges which give the "push" needed to reach the next pinnacle. It's that up and down momentum that carries us through the winter months!

During the long regular season, winning streaks, scoring streaks, team records, etc. are important only to keep the television announcers from discussing Mickey Redmond's dietary restrictions ad nauseum. The statistics are rattled off to fill in what would otherwise be blessed silences between the play-by-play action. Streaks and records don't make Stanley Cup Champions, consistency over the long haul does!

Remember what happened the last time the Detroit Red Wings broke all team records? I do!


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