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December 22 - Detroit 4 / Boston 2

Yeah, a Detroit win! Thank goodness! I've been torn between relishing the excitement and drama of a tense tie, versus wallowing in the easy comfort of an almost boring win. But we've had enough nail-biting lately, so last night was very enjoyable indeed.

Today, someone asked me if I thought the absence of Chris Draper was going to cause a problem for the Wings. Let me say that I think it is a great tribute to the depth of the Red Wing team roster just how well Detroit is playing right now.

I had my misgivings right from the start of this season, actually from the moment I heard about the Limo-Affair, about even the possibility of a repeat Cup appearance. Without Konstantinov, I feared the Wings' defense would crumble. And without Vernon's experienced goal-tending as backup, the goals-against statistic would climb dramatically. But neither has happened. Detroit keeps plugging away, notching a win here, a tie there (OK and of course, a few losses along the way.)

Each time an injury to a player has been announced, I've thought, "oh no, this is going to be a problem" and each time, the team has rallied and the absence, while missed, was not game-threatening.

So, no, I don't think Draper's absence will cause a "slump", six weeks will be gone before you know it!


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