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December 26 - Detroit 5 / Washington 4

Wow! Was Sergei Fedorov spectacular last night or what?! In hockey, when a player has a hat trick, it's very exciting. But when a player scores ALL five goals and the fourth one ties the game and the fifth one is the game winner IN OVERTIME (!) what can one say?! WOW!

This game was a perfect example of "hot hands". Fedorov was just on a fantastic roll. The rest of his teammates knew it and made the most of it, passing Sergei the puck at every chance possible. For once, Bowman didn't stick to his rigid rotations, ice times, etc. Scotty recognized the magic working on the ice and let Number 91 go. And GO he did! Yea, Sergei!

Now, all congratulations and awe aside...the Wings as a team played lousy! Defense was almost non-existent at times and the offense (except for the Russian unit) was so soft that "dump-ins" were constantly needed just to get the puck over the blue line. Moreover, Detroit's last 4 or five games have been mediocre.

Traditionally, December is a "slump" period for a lot of hockey teams, but Christmas is over now and the countdown is starting towards Spring, so it's time for Detroit to get it together and get consistant. It'll be Playoff-time quicker than one of Shanahan's slapshots!

And you know, I really didn't mind it last season when the wins became so commonplace that it was a foregone conclusion that the Wings were going to win each game. I can live with that kind of boring...really! It's OK!


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