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  • You can increase traffic to your web site by placing your Banner Ad on our Web pages.
  • Your Banner Ad gets linked back to your Web site. Viewers that click on your Banner will immediately jump to your site.
  • By placing your banner on specific content pages, you can reach a targeted audience. If you are a resort hotel, for example, your banner would best be placed at the top of the Michigan Events or Michigan Recreation pages. Boating vendors would want to advertise on the top of the marina pages, etc..
  • VIEWER DEMOGRAPHICS for our Opt-In E-Mail list are on this page. These viewers signed up to receive our monthly Michigan E-Mail news (see the next section regarding how to advertise in the monthly E-Mails). We can assume that this make-up of subscribers is equivalent to the make up of our entire RING!Michigan audience. Use this information to see if your products and services fit our viewing audience then target your ads to them.
  • For traffic count information for any particular page, please fill out the form below. There are over 1,000 pages to advertise on, ranging in activity up to 20,000+ page views per day.
  • Banner campaigns are exposure based, not time based. Since you can target your viewer demographics, you may want to place your banner on lower topic specific content, where you know the viewers use your product or service. The pages you pick and the number of exposures you sign up for will determine how long your banner campaign will be.
  • There must be a need, a reason, a desire or curiosity generated by the banner that makes the viewer want to click on the banner to see what you are all about. Your advertising agency has the most experience to help you with that task. If you do not use an ad agency, we can brainstorm ideas with you on a consulting basis and design your banner.
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