E-Commerce and OnLine Catalogs
Want to REALLY sell your products on the web?

If you have products or services to sell on the web, we can provide an electronic commerce solution for you.

We have our own suite of Internet applications and we work with IBM net.Commerce as well. With such a wide range of application software, we can easily meet almost any goal you may have.

Our software suite includes catalogs, auctions, classifieds, reverse bidding, surveys, demographic data management, membership clubs, media distribution, restaurant menus and food ordering. All can be run "as-is" or they can be modified to meet your requirements.

None require installation of any software by you. Each application runs on our database server farm and is managed by browser from any dial-up account anywhere in the world. You do not need to understand html or programming to use our applications.

Use the link at right to check out all our applications, or jump to information about the catalog builder RING!EasyRetailer, right here.

Getting Started on Your Catalog

From 1 item to 50,000 or more, we have a solution for you.

Just getting started? Not sure if your items will sell? We have a solution for low volume merchants.

Need to interface your real-time accounting system to web ordering? We can help there, too.

Of course, we can provide secure servers with credit and check processing. Even 900# telephone payment transactions.

If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

What's it going to cost?

There are so many variables in designing a custom catalog that we can not accurately answer this question without first getting details about your business process.

We have an advantage over many firms. We have our own database servers (5 of them) that are already loaded with major development engines. We have a lot of code "sniplets" in our library, so we can reach out and tap code that would save you a lot of design time expense.

If you use our standard applications, such as RING!EasyRetailer and link it to your current web site, you can get a full blown catalog up and running in a few hours for as little as $199 set-up.

Most custom e-commerce catalogs, using code we already have in our libraries, will range from $4,000 and up. Look at the application lists on the right menu to see details of the core applications we already have completed. We won't be the most expensive, and we are very competitive for what you will get in the way of features.

If you want to build your catalog around IBM net.commerce, you can expect to make an investment of over $50,000.

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