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Our studios are in northern Oakland County, Michigan, about 2 miles from the Pontiac Oakland County International Airport.
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Our mailing address is:
    BySky, Inc.
    7092 Highland Rd, Suite 180
    Waterford, MI 48327

    Telephone (248) 698-4659 x102
    Fax (248) 671-0372
Company News

Software Updates

DataTender has been renamed to RedFrog mailer. Users can accept Web form data and then use that data in bulk e-mailings or to produce reports. We have users with tens of thousands of records in their database. View the product at and get your customers and friends to use the system.

EasyCoupons is going well. We are implementing versions with the sites we construct and we are finishing up the self-generator that will allow any user to attach this functionality to any Web site.

MerchantNetwork and EasyRetailer are being used by commercial accounts now. We altered the layout to include a new program called EasyWholesaler, designed as the foundation of a distribution chain. Many prospects did not see that EasyRetailer had wholesale functionality built in, so we are splitting the product out to market to the wholesale segment. We are continually adding new functions. See a version at that was significantly modified.

We are continuing to stress the supply chain functions of the network to make sure everyone knows how powerful this system is. The MerchantNetwork is a complete Virtual Distribution Network with Syndicated E-CommerceTM features that facilitate the movement of merchandise and capital assets in a variety of ways between all members of the distribution chain. We think it is the evolution of e-commerce and we are bringing it online now.

EasyClassifeds is now in version 1.5. Users can easily create classified sections for their web sites regardless of who hosts the main Web. Visit the merchant sign-up screen at to check it out.

EasyMembership and EasyRegistration was used to construct a major portion of a site for an agency that trains doctors throughout Michigan. See It was also used to contruct a site for the Detroit chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers ( We are working on packages that can easily be added to any Web site by any user.

A new product releasing soon with one customer already booked is DeveloperShowcase. A complete turn-key package for builders and developers. See it at and watch as it progresses.


Site Updates

Our Michigan site continues to generate up to 20,000 page views per day. That's about 1/2 million per month. So, as a site it is considered fairly high volume. We are going to step up our campaign to get more advertisers.

TravelNow continues to provide viewers with domestic and international air-travel, lodging, car rentals. If you are traveling, please use our reservation system at and help us get the commissions.

You will find a variety of shopping links placed strategically around all our higher traffic pages for "instant ordering". These links are already creating revenue for us. This site was transitioned to an affiliate portal and gains all of its revenue from click-through commissions.

The re-launch was moved up on the schedule. It will take the form of a trading/distribution area for all business software publishers and is being actively developed. We are getting a lot of interest in this venue. is somewhat in operation. It is marketing wireless DATA communications solutions. This market was just projected to grow at 354% over the next few years, and we intend to be there.



ACCESS - We provide dial-up, ISDN and broad-band services in major US and Canadian cities from over 2800 POPs (points-of-presence). 56K analog unmetered dial-up is $16.95/mo and 128K ISDN dual-channel is only $50/mo. Users can roam throughout the US and Canada where we have POPs and use the network with no roaming fees. We have special pricing for shareholders at $12.95/month. If you have friends or family that want access, please enter their sign-up information on the ACCESS page and we will put them on the network. There are plenty of local Internet providers, but not that many can provide national service from 2800 dial-in numbers at $16.95/month.

As a company, our primary business plan does not stress dial-up as a revenue stream, however, when doing e-business with our client base, we did not want to allow a third party access to our customer. We can maintain full account control and have multiple opportunities to up-sell if we provide access as well as services.

HOSTING - Web hosting services for small to mid-sized clients. We recently increased our bandwidth into the network center and we are seeing trace speeds of 40ms or less coast-to-coast now. So all of our users are seeing major improvements.

DOMAIN SERVICES - Wholesaling domain names: .com - .org - .net - .info - .biz - .pro - and many other TLDs as they become available. If you need a domain name, you can register it with us.

TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES - Officially an agent for Worldcom, Sprint, Qwest. UUnet, Verio, AT&T and Verizon. Through a national agreement we can provide frame relay, VPN, and IP services and get paid commissions on the entire circuit each month. We have already sold data circuits under this agreement and hope that this monthly recurring revenue will grow quarterly. If you need DSL or higer speeds, or voice circuits, please visit

In addition, we now offer discount long distance services. Info is here.

We ask that all shareholders please use our services!! If you or your company need data lines, Web design, voice telephone services, or other IT products or services, please let us try to get that business. Any business you send our way can only help push the company forward. If you do not send any business our way when you have a chance to, or if you do not use our services personally or for your business, then don't complain about your investment!

Sales and Affiliate positions
We have openings for commissioned sales agents nationwide. We also have opportunities for web site designers to augment their offering by selling our E-Commerce solutions, products, and services. You will find details at
Privacy Policy
In a few words, we do not sell any email addresses we obtain from any of our sites. We value and protect all the information we obtain. For more specific details, go here to read the detailed Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy
Press Releases
Here is a list of Press Releases. Journalists, reporters, and online media editors are encouraged to contact our office for additional information regarding all of our products. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of our company and products with you. All media questions should be directed to John Waters at (248) 698-4659 x101.

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