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  • You can now include a text based ad in our monthly Michigan E-Mail Newsletter.
  • Your ad can include a link back to your web site.
  • Placing an ad in the Newsletter will reach a targeted audience of viewers that REQUESTED A SUBSCRIPTION and ASKED to receive this newsletter about Michigan events and highlights.
  • REAL TIME VIEWER DEMOGRAPHICS for our Opt-In E-Mail list are on this page. These viewers signed up to receive our monthly Michigan E-Mail news (see the next section regarding how to advertise in the monthly E-Mails). We can assume that this make-up of subscribers is equivalent to the make up of our entire RING!Michigan audience. Use this information to see if your products and services fit our viewing audience then target your ads to them.
  • Because we do not want this newsletter to be regarded as SPAM, we are very particular about which ads will appear and how they are worded. We reserve the right to edit and deny any ad.
  • No graphics or html is sent with these text based email newsletters.
  • The ad must be related to Michigan. You must be a Michigan merchant or have a product or service of particular interest to Michigan residents and businesses. We do not accept work-at-home, multi-level marketing, or other "Get Rich Quick" ads. We reserve the right to deny any ad without explanation. Your advertising agency has the most experience to help you with wording your ad. If you do not use an ad agency, we can brainstorm ideas with you on a consulting basis and design your text ad.
  • Your text ad will go to the full list.

    We charge only $75 per mailing. You can sign-up for 6 months for only $400.
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Home Telephone:
    Bus. Telephone:

    One mailing @ $75

    6 monthly mailings @ $400

    Do you have an ad written (one paragraph - 480 characters max)?yes no
    If no, would you like one created?yes no
    You can give us your text ad now or reserve space and email the test to us later.
    480 characters of text (NOT including the URL of your link):

    Your ad should fit in this window without making the scroll bar active.

    Use your credit card.
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    Credit Card Number: 
    Expiration Date: (Required) Month: Year:

    By submitting this information, you authorize us to bill your credit card for the number of impressions selected above. Your card WILL NOT be charged until you verify your approval of the campaign we suggest. We will need to have your credit card information in advance as a means of qualifying the seriousness of your request. We will bill your card just PRIOR to the email going out. Thank you.

    YES, RING! does Web Pages!

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