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Low cost site design packages.
We have received many requests to design web sites that were "user maintainable" after we finished. So, our new It'sMySite Deals are now available to help you get started with a nice layout that you can work on yourself later. We even bundled in telephone consulting time and service charges for one full year! Now you can get it all! What a deal! Check out the new It'sMySite Deals 
List YOUR site in the Michigan Directory!
You can now list your Michigan information web site in the MichiganRING!StateWide Directory for FREE! This directory now has two separate sections. One for Reference sites and one for Commercial sites. Our editorial staff is real fussy about who gets included in the Reference site directory. Only about 1 in every 10 reference sites submitted has enough useful information to be included. The new Commercial Site listings are open to all valid Michigan commercial web sites as long as they are not lewd or illegal. Go here to list your site on MichiganRING!StateWide 
Plenty of information
Thanks for stopping by one of our USARING!com Web Sites. We have several sites and thousands of pages that cover hundreds of topics. List your Michigan event or set-up your own E-Catalog, we have everything you need to get your message out via the Web.  Our MerchantNetwork E-Commerce applications work with any site anywhere on the Internet. There is no server software to install or maintain and you can keep your current Internet Service Provider. It's affordable, too. 
Banner Advertising

Use our new Banner Placement Form to select a page from one of our sites for your advertising banner. This low cost advertising method can dramatically increase activity for your web site and it's extremely cost effective!

REAL TIME VIEWER DEMOGRAPHICS for our Opt-In E-Mail list are on this page. These viewers signed up to receive our monthly Michigan E-Mail news (see the next section below). We can assume that this make-up of subscribers is equivalent to the make up of our entire MichiganRING! audience. Use this information to see if your products and services fit our viewing audience then target your ads to them.
Advertising in our Monthly E-Mail Newsletter

We have an Opt-In mailing list users sign up for. Each month this list gets sent information about events and topics concerning Michigan. You may place a non-intrusive paragraph with a link to your site within this newsletter. The cost to do so is only $75 per mailing.
Sign up here.

REAL TIME VIEWER DEMOGRAPHICS for this list are on this page. Find out the make up of our MichiganRING! audience and then target your ads to them.
Custom Designed Catalogs, Auctions, Classifieds, Contests and more!
Add functions to your web site that can create sales and traffic We can transfer your existing catalog or price list right into an interactive catalog. Or, we'll set up your private auction site. Or your own classifieds. Then we'll help you promote your E-Commerce sites with a traffic building contest! Fill out this short Site Enhancement Form and we will E-mail you with some ideas and ball-park costs on getting the job done.
Super Exposure Program
TRIPLE your site's search engine listings!!

We now offer ALL web site owners a low cost way get more traffic by having their site listed 4 times instead of 1.

Our Super Exposure program will give you 3 times as many search engine listings, exposing your main site 3 times as often as is now!!

  • We will create 3 different versions of your home page as "portal mirrors".
  • Each will have a slightly different title, description and keyword list.
  • Each will reside on 3 different high traffic servers in our server farm and each will have a separate IP address.
  • These "portal mirrors" will appear to the the search engines as new sites.
  • Each will link to your main site.
  • Since our domains are hit by search engine spiders several times daily, your site will be cataloged and updated frequently and may even receive more traffic than your main site!
  • You should get 4 listings in each search engine and directory instead of one!!
  • Every quarter will will re-list with the new engines.

    If your main site is

      One portal mirror will be at
      Another will be at
      Another will be at

    As an example, see:

We do it all for only $199 the first time and then $39 per quarter ... complete.

No need to relocate your site. No domain changes. Totally transparent to your normal operation. You just get more listings.

Get started now! Extra traffic can mean extra business!!

To get started, please fill out this short Service Inquiry Form. Check off SUPER EXPOSURE program.
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Write to or contact our editor for content related issues at

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Sell your home, vacation property or time-share on this international site.

Michigan Classifieds. Reach thousands of Michigan viewers.

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Place your banner ad on our high traffic pages. Order your banner run here. We can even produce a banner for you. 

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Site design 
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