Our site now has complete broadband access from 23 partner providers. Click here for everything from DSL to the largest data bandwidth available.

Internet Access!
Only $16.95/mo. for 56k dial-up all over Michigan and Nationwide all states and Canada, INCLUDING 16 different cities in Michigan's Upper Penninsula (how about that, eh?). FREE national roaming, too.

SPECIAL COLORADO OFFER - promotional rates for Canon City, Penrose, Florence and Fremont County.

Now get
2.5 cents / minute
nationwide calling
24/7 - no limits -
No subscriptions or contracts
Details here
E-Commerce Web Sites and Applications

We will develop and implement your E-Commerce catalog or Web based business application. It is not necessary that we be your primary domain hosting provider. Your web site will transparently link to all applications on one of our database servers. You do not need to install dedicated lines, web servers or firewalls on your network. We manage the entire process.

We have applications that support inventory of 1 item to tens-of-thousands; for membership groups, coupon redemption, real estate listing, classified advertising, restaurant menuing, web form data collection and more.

Our software supports multi-tiered distribution, too. Sell to your retailers or dealers at up to four different price levels.

Since we have already written thousands of pages of web based scripting, we may already have application code written to perform the tasks you need; saving you money. Plus, our code has been operating real-time selling sites for over 4 years with a proven track record.

Add functions to your web site that can create additional sales and traffic. We also can set up your private auction site or a classified advertising section. Then we'll help you promote your new E-Commerce venture with a traffic building contest! You can also use our 3 server site-mirroring service to increase your listings in the search engines up to 3 times! Just fill out this short Service Inquiry Form and we will E-mail you with some ideas and ball-park costs on getting your job done.

For details on our e-commerce offerings visit our Software Catalog



Interactive On-line Databases

Now you can interact with your clients in real time from the web. Provide fully integrated applications to users worldwide. Collect and display data by linking directly to database files on your main server or legacy system. We can work with almost any type of data file from any system. Secure and safe, with firewalls and software encryption. Use for real estate databases, inventory, collectables, parts, or whatever you can imagine. We can program from start to finish, even distribute diskettes and/or CDs to your clients. Fill out this short Service Inquiry Form and we will E-mail you with some ideas and ball-park costs on getting the job done.



Web Site Design

Yes, we "do web pages." We have created and published almost 12,000 pages for ourselves and over 120 customers.

We work with clients located anywhere. We believe in producing web sites that work hard to get results for our business accounts. We concentrate on giving the viewer the information they need to make a decision and then making it easy for the viewer to purchase. Our specialty is Electronic Commerce and we produce many of our own applications. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We will also accept purchase orders with approved credit. We are not the lowest cost, nor the highest cost. We are competitive and effective.


SPECIAL COLORADO OFFER - promotional rates for Canon City, Penrose, Florence and Fremont County.



Web Site Hosting

We also host web sites on our Windows NT servers. You can manage your site with ftp using any popular html editor, or work directly on our network using Microsoft FrontPage (including 2002) or Microsoft Visual Interdev.

All sites receive Web-based and POP3 Internet Email. Administrators can add and delete mailboxes. Users can set forwarding and auto-reply messages and access their mail from any browser or from their normal email client.

You can view your pages hit stats from our Flashstats password protected analysis program. All stats are private and include a list of key words entered into search engines that viewers used to find you, page views per hour, graphic reports and more.

Fees are based on services. See the chart below
up to 50mb
50 to 100mb
100 to 200mb

Billing: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. You can also pay by check or use your Michigan Trade Exchange account. We will also accept purchase orders with approved credit. All billings are in advance of publishing and are quarterly. Domain registration is only $24.95.

To get started, please fill out this short Service Inquiry Form.



Wireless Credit Card Processing

Products and services for clearing credit card transactions over the national wireless digital cellular networks. You can get detailed information on devices and service at Fill out the request form and our server will email you more details and pricing. This product is perfect for road shows, in home sales and deliveries, boats, trains, busses and taxis. You can run a card swipe credit transaction through and get immediate (12 second) approval without being connected to a telephone or AC power.


National Internet Access:

Modem Dial-up:
56Kbps analog dial-up only $16.95 per month. Multi-Link bonded modems 110Kbps only $33.95/mo. 128Kbps dual channel ISDN only $44.95/mo. Roam in USA and Canada using over 1800 POPs (points-of-presence). One invoice for all dial-up services for all your corporate users. For details, click here.

DSL services (A, I, S) for home, home office, business. Chose from our 7 DSL partners and compare services. Business users, we can link DSL connections securely into your corporate VPN and legacy systems. Sign-up on line for home and small office. Visit for details.

FULL T1 with local loop $499 or less in many areas!!

Business Service
Business customers, we will find services to meet your needs if you need more than a single DSL connection, from DSL, T1 and higher, up to OC192. We are agents for 9 carriers and our comparison service is FREE. Let us get quotes for you: VPNs, private lines, frame relay, voice, VOIP, international circuits, metro fiber, wireless broadband microwave and more. We can put the whole package together and work with multiple carriers for the best configuration at the best price. Visit for details.

SPECIAL COLORADO OFFER - promotional rates for Canon City, Penrose, Florence and Fremont County.


Super Exposure Program
TRIPLE your site's search engine listings!!

We now offer ALL web site owners a low cost way get more traffic by having their site listed 4 times instead of 1.

Our Super Exposure program will give you 3 times as many search engine listings, exposing your main site 3 times as often as is now!!

  • We will create 3 different versions of your home page as "portal mirrors".
  • Each will have a slightly different title, description and keyword list.
  • Each will reside on 3 different high traffic servers in our server farm and each will have a separate IP address.
  • These "portal mirrors" will appear to the the search engines as new sites.
  • Each will link to your main site.
  • Since our domains are hit by search engine spiders several times daily, your site will be cataloged and updated frequently and may even receive more traffic than your main site!
  • 4 listings in each search engine and directory instead of one!!
  • Every quarter we will re-list with the new engines.

    As an example, see:

We do it all for only a $199 setup plus $39 per quarter ... complete. And each quarter includes a manual re-listing of your main site plus each portal mirror with the latest list of approximately 200 search engines and directories!

No need to relocate your site. No domain changes. Totally transparent to your normal operation. You just get more listings.

Get started now! Extra traffic can mean extra business!!

To get started, please fill out this short Service Inquiry Form. Check off SUPER EXPOSURE program.



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