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Hand Massager

Has soothed the hands of Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Farmers, and all Those Who Use Their Hands Often!

The instructions are simple: Place the ring in whichever hand you choose. Forget about it, your hand will automatically seek the stimulus you need. There is no wrong way to hold and manipulate it. Try to keep it with you and use it during times of high stress. Most of all, relax and go with it!.

Finger Positions
Hand Positions

Many say that the longer you squeeze the ring, the better you feel and the more relaxed you get. In fact, there is a lifetime guarantee; if you ever wear out the STRESS RING through normal use, just return it with $1.00 for S&H and receive a replacement absolutely free! To order your personal ORIENTAL STRESS RING for only $9.95 (including S&H), click HERE.

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