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MORE Southwest Michigan Color Tours!

Trail 1...

East from South Haven on County Road 388 (Phoenix Road), East through Grand Junction to County road 665, South through Bloomingdale to County Road 388, West to County Road 384 to County Road 215, South into Breedsville, West on County Road 380 to M-43, Northwest to South Haven. Approx. 35 miles.

Trail 2...

Starting in Paw Paw take M-40 North through Gobles to County Road 390, East to County Road 653, South to M-43, East to County Road 652, South to Red Arrow Highway, West to Paw Paw. Approx. 37 miles.

Trail 3...

South from Paw Paw on M-40 through Lawton to County Road 669, Southwest to County Road 352 through Decatur, West to County Road 687, North to Hartford, East on Red Arrow Highway through Lawrence to Paw Paw. Approx. 45 miles.

Trail 4...

From South Haven follow M-43 East to County Road 665, South into Paw Paw and Red Arrow Highway, West to County Road 687, North to County Road 378, East to Bangor and M-43, Northwest to South Haven. Approx. 50 miles.

Trail 5...

From South Haven North along Blue Star Highway to 109th Avenue, East to 60th Street, South to 106th Avenue, West to 66th Street, South to Baseline Road, West to 72nd Street, North to North Shore Drive along Lake Michigan back to South Haven.

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