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The color tour will take you approximately 1.5 hours, and is 72 miles, round trip.

Beginning in Big Rapids, you will be heading north on Old US-131 (Northland Drive) and traveling about five miles to Paris. Once in Paris, continue north to Hoover Road. Go east on Hoover Road to 180th Avenue (Hoover turns in 180th), go 1/2 mile south to 21 Mile Road (turns in to a dirt road at 150th). While on 21 Mile Road, you will pass the Haymarsh Lake State Game area.

After traveling 21 Mile Road for approximately 5 miles from the Haymarsh, turn right onto W. Chippewa Drive (this is a dirt road for approximately one mile). Once the pavement starts, turn right onto Bullhead Lake Drive (paved roads for the rest of the trip.) You will follow this around the edges of Chippewa Lake to Chippewa Drive, where you will turn right. Follow the sign that says "Barryton" at 100th Avenue onto Dwight St. Turn left at the corner at 105th Avenue onto Chippewa Drive and travel around the other side of Chippewa Lake on Chippewa Drive to 20 Mile Road (the road you are traveling turns into 20 Mile Road.)

Take 20 Mile Road to M-66 and to the town of Barryton. Go south on M-66 to the town of Remus. You will then go west on M-20 until a curve where you will turn left onto 9 Mile Road. Once on 9 Mile Road, you will turn left where 8 Mile deadends at School Section Lake Park. Go approximately 1/2 mile south to Buchanan Road and turn right. Follow Buchanan through the Canadian Lakes to 130th Avenue and at 130th Avenue, turn left. When you reach Pierce Road, make a right hand turn. Pierce Road will take you into Stanwood. Once in Stanwood follow the signs for the US-131 expressway and turn right onto Northland Drive.

Take Northland Drive to Eight Mile Road. Follow Eight Mile under the US-131 expressway overpass to Old State Road. Turn right on Old State Road (here you will pass the Amish farms) to Northland Drive. Turn left on Northland Drive; you will follow Northland Drive for the remainder of the trip back to Big Rapids.

Suggested Stops - Points of Interest

Big Rapids

Big Rapids is home to Ferris State University. Take a stroll through the Nature Preserve (by FSU Ice Arena) or enjoy a FSU sporting event.


Paris Park and the Fish Hatchery are just north of Hoover Road on Northland Drive. Stroll through the park and see a replica of the Eiffel Tower. You'll also have a chance to catch your own fish; pay by the inch and the cost includes your permit. For more information, call 616-832-3246.

Haymarsh/Chippewa Lake

This area offers some of the prettiest views in Mecosta County. The lake is known for a variety of fish including bluegill, small and large mouth bass and walleye.

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