Welcome to Island Lake Recreation Area. The park is located just south of I-96 and east of US-23 near Brighton and is open year round for your outdoors' enjoyment.

  • A State Park Motor Vehicle Permit is required for entry. This can be puchased at the park office or at the park entry point. Daily permits are $4.00, annual permits are $20.00 and Senior annual (over 65 year old resident) are $5.00.

  • There is a private canoe concession in the park. Canoes can be rented at the Kent Lake beach near the dam. For more information, contact Heavner Canoe Rental from Memorial Day to Labor Day at 810-437-9406 or year round at 810-685-2379. There are two canoe campground sites, accessible from the river only. Vault toilets are provided. Canoeists need to supply their own drinking water. Please call the park office for reservations.

  • Two beaches are available for day use, one at Kent Lake and one at Spring Mill Pond with more than 100 feet of sandy beach. The pond is spring feed, so the water stays cool and clear all summer. There are two beach concessions for food and drinks located at Kent Lake and Spring Mill Pond.
  • More than 14 miles of trails travel through varied habitats. Bikers should ride with caution at all times, following the one way trail markers. Visitors can hike, bike, run, and hunt along the trail. The trail is split into two connecting loops. The East Loop circles the Huron River, is over five miles long and travels through woodlands, fields and crosses Mann Creek. The West Loop, easier of the two, is over nine miles long and meanders through fields, woodlands and wetlands.

  • Mountain bikes please follow the one way trail markings. The trail runs clockwise for bicycle users.

  • Shelters are available for rental by calling 810-229-7067 during business hours. There are 5 shelters located throughout the park.

  • The park has 2 frontier cabins for rent. Reservations can be made by calling 810-229-7067 during business hours. The cabins sleep 20 people in bunks and rent for $40.00 per night, plus a $4.00 reservation fee. The experience is rustic. Please reserve early.

  • Four lakes and the Huron River offer a variety of fishing opportunities. However, the park does not have a boat launch. Spring Mill Pond is stocked with trout and a special catch and release season is in effect from April 1 until opening day of trout season. Only artificial bait may be used. Ice fishing is a popular winter activity.
  • One of the nation's most modern and safest shooting ranges has been expanded to include skeet, trap and sporting clays at Island Lake Recreation Area in addition to its original forty 25-yard, 50-yard, and 100- yard shooting stations. The range is fully handicap accessible, user friendly, and designed with sound abatement as a priority.

  • We have a canoe campground accessible only from the river, please call the park office at 810-229-7067 to reserve.

  • We have a youth organization campground.

  • Island Lake is open to hunting for all species following state regulations between September 15 and March 31. This park boasts excellent deer and rabbit hunting, while great hunting opportunities exist for woodcock, pheasant, duck, goose, and squirrel as well. The park is also open to trapping. All users are reminded that private property is interspersed within many of the park and recreation area properties. It is the responsibility of all users to determine where they are and to stay off private property.

  • A person shall not possess or consume alcohol in the day-use areas of the park from April 1 through Labor Day without the written permission of the park manager.
  • This park is open to snowmobiling with 4" of snow on the ground, please call the park office to verify the ground conditions at the park. Snowmobilies must have the State Park Motor Vehicle Permit.

  • Spring Mill Pond has a special catch and release early trout season which begins April 1. Artificial bait only. A trout stamp is required on your fishing license.

  • Rowboats and paddleboats are also available for use on the lake from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For more information, contact Heavner Canoe Rental during the summer 810-437-9406 or year round at 810-685-2379.

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