Laughing Whitefish Falls is located in Alger County on M-94 at Sundell just a short distance from Marquette.

Day Use

The 960 acre park has minimal development and no on-site management. The site is handicapped accessible with just a .8 mile walk from the parking lot to the falls on a well groomed tree-canopied trail. Observation decks are at the top, middle and bottom of the cascade. The natural beauty of the falls happens to be an attraction which brings visitors year around.

About the Falls

The 20 foot wide falls have a total height of about 100 feet made up of a vertical drop of about 15 feet at the top and then breaking into cascades over a stratified rock apron 8 feet to the bottom. The falls are enclosed by a steep sided exposed rock ledge and an adjacent upland plateau area which is accompanied by a peninsula ridge to the west displaying the same rock strata.

The gorge north of the falls is over a quarter mile wide, up to 160 feet deep and runs about 2 miles before forming the basin of Laughing Whitefish Lake. The gorge walls are composed of exposed rock strata which has formed ledges of up to 30 feet in height.

The area boasts a variety of forest cover from virgin pine, cedar, balsam, fir, hemlock to rare ferns and wildflowers. Major hardwoods are secondary growth and occupy upland area.


The park is open to hunting with the exclusion of the 330 acres designated as a scenic site.

Winter Activities

Although the site is not plowed, the trail is suitable for cross country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. Snowmobiles are prohibited in the area.

Laughing Whitefish Falls is currently under the jurisdiction of the DNR and J.W. Wells Management is the supervising Unit.

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