PALMS BOOK STATE PARK is located at the northern terminus of M-149, a fifteen-minute drive north of US-2 at Thompson.


It is a rewarding side trip for the vacationer touring the Upper Peninsula for here can be seen one of Michigan's alluring natural attractions - Kitch-it-kipi, "The Big Spring." Two hundred feet across and forty-feet deep, Kitchi-iti-kipi, is Michigan's largest Spring. Over 10,000 gallons a minute gush from many fissures in underlying limestone, the flow continuing throughout the year at a constant 45 degree temperature.

By means of a self-operated observation raft, visitors are guided to vantage points overlooking fascinating underwater features and fantasies. Ancient tree trunks, lime-encrusted branches and fat trout appear suspended in space as they slip through crystal waters far below.

Clouds of sand kept in constant motion by gushing waters create ever-changing shapes and forms, a challenge to the imagination of young and old alike.

Camping and Day Use

Near the Spring is a pleasant and shaded picnic area, modern toilet facilities and a park store. Camping is not permitted in Palms Book State Park.

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