Dear Two Views:

Im a college student with dyslexia and at 25 will finally graduate college with my brother who is four years younger then me. Even though I'm glad my learning disability was caught early in my life, it still doesn't make up for all the humiliation and social pain that I have experienced.

My family always looks at me funny when I talk about my dreams for graduate school, as if they don't think I can do it on a C average. You see everyone is my family down to my grandparents have all graduated from this particular university, gone on to get masters and doctorates in several subjects, and then there's me. The dyslexic one. I would like your advice as to how to handle my family's treatment, as I have tried to make them see that I am not this stupid, lazy, socially inept woman which they continue to remind me of, from my past experiences. It really hurts when your own family thinks you're a complete idiot.

As it stands, I have no one else to talk to about this, no friends, no relatives to confide in and I feel as if on my last leg. There's more to life then a degree I realize, but Im just figuring out now who it is I want to be, and I'm hurt because my family is embarassed by me. They refuse to see the person I've become, especially my siblings who constantly remind me what an idiot I am.

Any advice is welcome.


Dyslexic and Down.

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