Dear Two Views,

I am writing to you in hopes that you might have a solution, or at least some good advice regarding my situation. I am a 26 year old undergrad who has fought the odds of academia for the past six years, having dropped out twice and returned only to find out that I am not the moron I thought I was, only that I have dyslexia. I am graduating this coming May with a degree in English Lit. and Communications. However as nice as that may sound, my GPA is terrible, and not quite a 3.0 which seems to be the minimum requirement for most graduate programs. I am also totally dreading the GRE exam, as I do not do well on written tests. Is there any hope for me as far as graduate school is concerned? I am an intelligent, well read woman who loves literature and wants to continue her career in the field of English Literature. My fear is that because of my past "mistakes" before finding out about my learning disability, I will forever be haunted by the fact that I graduated college with less then a B average. Should I just look for the nearest Super America and apply there after graduation? Is graduate school out of the question for someone in my position--I would appreciate any advice you may have to offer, or if you know of any magazines looking for a up-and-coming writer. Of course I could always serve slurpies and pump gas for a living...


Really Stumped in Roseville

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