Dear Two Views,

I am being invited to a wedding in March of 98, which is bringing up some questions.

The individual who is getting married was married for three weeks about two years ago. At the time no attempt was made to return the shower gifts, or the wedding gifts. I was rather surprised, since it seemed the wedding lasted longer than the marriage! It was a situation where the two should never have gotten married and as I said it lasted three weeks.

Now, this person is getting married again (to a different gal) and I have questions about "gifts". They both (the "current" couple) have a home together and have been living together for over a year. The last time money was requested for the wedding.... They are in their late 20's and share a child and their home is complete. So, here I go again with showers and weddings!

So my question is.... am I still obligated to get a gift? (I most likely will) Do I have to spend as much on this wedding as the last?

Thanks for letting me sound off!

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