Dear Two Views,

I want a small wedding because I will be 3 months pregnant. My parents are very embarrassed and I don't want to make a spectacle of myself. However, all of my immediate family that I love will be attending the wedding. I have bought a beautiful Ivory colored gown to wear for the occasion.

My future husband is from a very, very large family, plus he is a member of a small church (about 200 people total when full). There are people of the church that would like to attend the wedding. My future husband wanted to be married in the church he grew up in and was a member of.

Problem: I gave my future mother-in-law nine invitations for the Wedding. She had requested 35. I have nothing against 3 people she wanted to invite, except she worked with them, and yes, they have met my fiancÚ. However, I didn't think it was necessary to invite these people. My future mother-in-law said, "If I have to cut them, I might as well cut the whole list."

Originally she would like to have invited about 200 people. She feels that 35 invitations was not asking to much. This amount would include immediate family members, friends of the family, great aunts and uncle's, and some co-workers. However, it is excluding church members, neighbors that my fiancÚ has known for years, high school friends, etc.

I am from a large family but we aren't that close. The people I care about will be at the wedding, which totals about 19.

This situation is causing some very hard feelings between my fiancÚ, myself, his folks, and the rest of his family. In fact, my fiancÚ's mother has completely withdrawn from being involved in the Wedding (his mother was the Wedding Coordinator for their church for several years).

Do you have any suggestions for a remedy?

Please answer quickly, we are sinking in to more trouble then we can bail out of at the moment.!!!!

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