Dear Two Views,

I am a mid-twenties female who has a sister and a boyfriend who are my best friends. However, I have practically NO other friends and due to that I barely ever go out. I am intelligent and very attractive (definitely not beautiful), and have no problem getting male acquaintances.

I feel most of these guys are friendly with me because they find me attractive. My main problem is that I have no female friends. I have two girlfriends that I retained from an out of state college, but I never had a tight bond with them and never totally felt comfortable with them. As long as I can remember I have NEVER had girlfriends. I am pretty shy, and feel 10X more comfortable around males, but I desperately want at least one true female friend. I have tried my best to be friendly and personable but I just can't seem to make that connection. I feel extremely weird and very alone, do you know of any support groups or have ANY suggestions?

Desparately Seeking a Friend

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