Dear Two Views,

I am a 25 yr. old who is madly in love with a 22 yr. old. I first avoided a relationship with him because he was too young but I could not resist his charm! We have been together about 2 yrs, and he is a great boyfriend. He is also a great father of twins that he had with his previous girlfriend, and I know he would make a terrific husband. My problem is that he wants to get married at around age 28, which is obviously a whopping 6 yrs. from now! Unfortunately, I'm ready for marriage and children now. I could put it off for about three years, but in 6 years I will be an old maid. I am currentlly very disheartened because I feel it will drive me crazy to wait that long! I definitelly don't feel it's right to pressure him, especially since he is still young. What can I do to make myself feel better?


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