Dear Two Views,

Hi About three yrs ago I became friends with a girl at work, I've heard things that she does. so I asked her about it. She has slept with most of the guy in the small town around us. I've come to notice that most woman stay clear of her and most men use her to fulfill there needs She has a young daughter that is getting to the age that she sees all these men come and go at all hours. this friend is very lucky because she has family to help her out. Grandfather has given her a home and paid for the car and her folks watch the child while she works. I've asked her if she was afraid of giving or getting a sickness from doing all the different people, now she has it a all time low she is doing favors for young men between the ages of 16-19, she is 26, I guess the reason I worry so much is because I care about her like a sister and a friend. The other day I was out to dinner with my husband when the table behind me started to ask each other if that was my husband and did he know what type of person I was hanging around with,you see my husband does travel a lot with his job, I never go out with my friend other then to lunch. I'm not that way Plus my mother says people will judge people by who they are seen with. I know she has been hurt in a relationship in the past. I am just concerned, I want to help her if anyway possible.
just a friend

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