Dear Two Views,

I have been constantly switched around between parents, always building new lives due to a divorce agreement that "seemed like a good idea at the time". Not too long ago, I finally found solace in a place where I could stay pretty much until I was 18, with one parent. At first I thought it was going to be one more broken promise, but after awhile I became friends with wonderful people who always were there to support me, and also began a relationship with someone who has turned my world completely upside down with euphoria. Now, here's where the fun starts. 1 month ago, my dad gave me notice that we were moving away in exactly 2 weeks, because he had a girlfriend that he wanted to move in with (across the country). No matter what I said, there was no way around it. I said sad goodbyes to all of the beautiful friends I had made, and spent long, lonely days and nights crying with my fiance, though we tried our hardest to make our last couple of days happy times. Since I've been here, my thoughts have changed so much. I'm very much in-tune to the world's suffering...I've had much lower self-esteem, mood swings...not to mention headaches, not being able to keep down anything I manage to eat, extreme difficulty breathing, and emotions darker than I had ever imagined. If I can't go back home, I need to know some way of getting over these symptoms. I know this isn't healthy or natural. What can I do to express my need to go back without making my dad feel pressured or uncomfortable? How can I make my relationship with my boyfriend happy, instead of missing each other so much it hurts? And lastly, where do I go for help with the severe physical and emotional conditions? My dad doesn't like the fact that I'm taking this so hard, and says that I don't need to get help anywhere, and that it will go away with time. I know that this isn't and won't go away by itself, and I don't know how much longer I can live with the pain. Hope you can help!

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