Dear Two Views,

This is regarding My 20 yr old daughter's attitude. She has always been successful in manipulation but not with me and my husband. This was why she moved out because she didn't like to be told what to do. She successfully convince her school to graduate her even though she didn't go the last month. She has convince people to take her in even though she continues to quit jobs because she gets mad and leaves however, she able to convice people to live on them for free. She still tries to manipulate me and uses emotions to get what she wants. She'll break down on the phone. When I say no or make her mad she will have nothing to do with me. It could be months before I hear from her again. I am afraid one day that I'll say no and I won't ever here from her at all, but what is a mother to do.

I know one day this attitude will catch up to her, but I can't talk to her because she still has the mentality of a teenager. But her actions are burning me out. Now she wants my tax returns so she can use it for financial aid. She never really kept in touch when she moved out and she could be different now. I called the school and they did say they need our tax returns but I just don't trust her with that type of information. But I feel guilty since she wants to go to college now. My husband is against it as well......

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