Dear Two Views,

I'm really not used to doing this sort of thing, but here go's. My husband and I have been married for 10 yrs now, we have 3 kids. My husband is a very deep person and very often not very happy. I on the other hand try to look for the good in everything. I always thought that we would be together, I know my husband love's me. It's just the within the last year he has spent more and more time on the computer and internet then with me mostly at night. Recently I've found out he has been talking to another woman on the IRC. He says he can relate to her and that she understands what shes going through. He just turned 30 and is not taking it very well. When he told me this he cried, said he did not want to feel anything for anyone else but me but that he was starting to have these special feelings for this woman. I asked him if he ever talked about sex with her and he said no, that it wasn't like that. How should I feel? I understand that he will have friends outside our relationship that really doesn't bother me, but what does is, he has a tendency to be obsessive with things. I'm trying to be mature about this but all I can think about is him talking to another female about things he doesn't think I would understand. I've spent my whole young life loving this man ( we were childhood sweethearts) And now no matter what I do or don't do I no longer feel worthy enough to keep his love. what should I do? Please don't e-mail me back (he reads it) I will check back later to get your reply.


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