Dear Two Views,

I'm a 22 year old male. My best friend, who is also 22, and a male, has a sister, that is 14. I think, she has a crush on me. My best friend has told me things she has said, and so has her cousin. I think the world of her, I had a younger sister to pass away a few years ago. She's my adopted little sister i guess you could say. I take her(Missy) and her brother(Jack), who is 15 out all the time. Their parents don't do anything for them, their living conditions are horrible, I feel sorry for Missy and Jack. I take them out when I can, because I'm financialy able to, I have never thought of anything more than friendship of Missy. How do I tell her what I need to tell her with out hurting her. I still want to hang out with her. What's your advice?


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