Dear Two Views,

The story behind my question, or request for advice, is long and complex. I'll try to give a short abridged version. At my work, I met a married man, he's 7 years older than I. We became close friends then moved our relationship onto a sexual level. We have remained friends and lovers for over a year now. Due to circumstances that have arose, he will be moving away soon. I guess my main problem with this is that he wasn't only a play toy or just a close friend, but I feel in love with him. I have decided not to tell him this, seeing as how he is leaving and I don't want to complicate his marriage in the least, but it hurts so much to have to keep this inside. I was just wondering if you had any advice for me, to help me get over this, remain his friend over the distance, and not get into anymore of these situations. Thank you.

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